Anthony D'Cruz

Usually a student chooses a school, however I can say that the AMNC chose me. While I was window shopping for a good International School, Ms. Abdalla and Ms. Jay were very knowledgeable and kind to help me choose a carrier path in International studies at AMNC. It’s hard to believe that, I will be graduating with an Associate’s degree in December, 2018. When I look back, the AMNC journey has evolved me as a better individual and with some good business acumen. I am proud and happy to say that my learning from AMNC has helped me to successfully own and manage business since Feb, 2018 in the Atlanta area. I would like to give credit to AMNC for my personal and business success in this country.

I would like to list down some learning’s that truly changed my life in a foreign land.

1. Got introduced to American history and American culture.

2. Learning’s were blended well with the current events. Ex. Presidential elections, Demonetization in India etc.

3. Economic and Political issues with in the USA and around the world. 

4. U.S. Economy causes and effects of recession and the recovery process.

5. Different business module and how to plan and start a new business.

6. U.S. Business Law.

7. Different styles of research papers, Ex. APA, MLA and Power Point Presentations.

8.  Public speaking and presentation skills.

I truly thank AMNC for putting together a helpful and knowledgeable teaching faculty like, Prof. Philip Hua, Dr. Coleen James, Prof. G. Workie, Prof. Canara Cage, Prof. Adrian Arrindell. 

Current, Dean Prof. Bethel has been a great source of inspiration to all students. I won’t be wrong if I say he is a Power House of Knowledge. I liked what he once said in the class while teaching Business Law, “I don’t want students to only study, I want them to LEARN.”

I can say that at AMNC I have LEARNED for LIFE. 

Rozy Gilani

To be honest, I was bit nervous and not so confident upon arriving the country. Always thought about how will I be able to adapt to the college or study pattern because of altogether a different studying culture back home.

Getting introduced to American National College, getting acquainted to the same and then becoming a part of it was a great experience which made my nervousness disappear and made me more confident. It seems yesterday I started my college and now finally happy to realize I am in my final semester and graduating this month (December 2108).

Having associated with American National College boosted my confidence, my overall personality and being able to expand my knowledge and improve in what had been troubling me till date. There is an equal balance of learning and reviewing information so that everyone gets what is to be done as students.

Talking about Professors, staff and other dignitaries, they always stood by us all through. Apart from appreciating us for our good and hard work, thy also motivate us to get better day by day. With this there is also equilibrium between friendly atmosphere and rules and regulations when it comes to decorum of the school. The curriculum here is precise and challenging and everyone here, be it Professors or students value education and take education as unending process.

I very much appreciate everything our teachers have done so far for us and helped come out as better, educated, well trained and experienced in every aspect. Having such a good, smooth and pleasant experience in foreign country is a great thing which is really helping me achieve my future goals and pushed me step into a better life. 

Finally, I would like to say that studying in American National College has always encouraged me to always try and do my best and yet by no means never refrained me from what I was originally doing.