Message from the CEO

Today's world of employment will demand skilled, focused, and competent leading professionals. Our goal at American National College is to help not only our community of employers, but employers worldwide. We prepare our graduates to fill the needs of these next generation employers with Degrees offered in Business and Healthcare Administration with concentrations in special skills that help our graduates stand out among the competition. 

Technology today influences every part of our lives and the next generation of professionals will need the knowledge and competence to balance their careers and lives. While at the same time having the freedom to contribute their ideas, and show the competitive edge needed in today’s world of highly skilled professionals.

Our faculty and staff are here to see every student from start to finish, providing them with individual attention, the knowledge needed for the age of technology, the unique skills needed by employers of today and curricula and theories that encourage freedom of ideas for the future.

We encourage you to visit our college, meet our faculty and staff, and visit with our current students. Don’t just shop for your future; have the freedom to take your future the way you dreamed it to be, as our graduates have over the past 30 years. American National College is here to help you.


Michelle Abdalla


AMNC - Michelle Abdalla, CEO

AMNC - Michelle Abdalla, CEO