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Please contact the college for the updated tuition pricing and payment options. American National College offers flexible financing through the Financial Aid and Business Offices. Some are listed below in "Financing Options." For those who qualify, American National College participates in Federal Title IV funding including Grants and Student Loans. American National College also accepts DOD and VA financing for active military and veterans who qualify. Multiple forms of payment are acceptable at American National College in order to accommodate student needs. Acceptable payment options are: Cash, Credit Card, PayPal, Check, Money Order or Bank Wire Transfer. All credit card or check payments can be made under the "Make a Payment" tab. For any additional questions regarding tuition or payment/financing options please contact American National College or assistance.

International Students:

Whether currently in the United States or wanting to come to the U.S. to study, international students are welcome and encouraged to enroll in programs such as, English as a Second Language (ESL), an Associate Degree, or one of the certificate programs in health or beauty designed to deliver specific skills training.
Degree programs will be offered in semesters of 18 weeks each spring/fall; whereas, ESL* and medical certificate programs will be Modular based with each module being 6 weeks long and tuition will be priced and billed appropriate to semester or modular basis depending on the program. (*Students enrolled in the ESL program will receive 5 weeks of instruction with a 1 week break during each module.) Beauty Programs (Master Cosmetologist, Esthetics, Nail Technician, and Beauty Instructors) offer continual instruction and are priced and billed by the month. All Tuition and fees for the next period of instruction (month, module or semester) must be paid in advance.

Students who are on a SEVIS approved visa program (F1/M1) must be in attendance a minimum of 18 hours per week or for degreed programs 12 credits per semester and meet Satisfactory Academic Progress. Students who fall below these requirements will be considered out of status.
The procedure to obtain an M-1/F-1 Student Visa begins by the prospective student making a written application to Iverson Institute.

This written application includes; school transcripts or other records of courses taken, proof of financial responsibility and other supporting documents. All documents are then reviewed and evaluated by American National College's Office of International Affairs.

After the prospect student meets all qualification standards and has been approved for enrollment; A Certification of Eligibility will be issued to the prospect.

Prior to starting the completion of the I-20 form, the student must first register at American National College and provide us with:

  • A completed International Student Application Form
  • Registration Fee ($100)
  • Proof of financial support
  • Passport Identification Page

Financing Options:

Students must pay for the cost of their education on a per instructional period (semester, module, or monthly) as appropriate for their program of interest. Before the start of each instruction period, students must clear their balance for that period. Students who are permanent residence or citizens of the United States have the opportunity to apply for Free Application for Student Federal Aid (FAFSA) The Financial Aid Department has been established to provide assistance through grant and loan programs to qualifying students. The financial need of the student is assessed before financial aid is provided. The policy is based on the premise that the primary responsibility for financing an education belongs to the student.

A financial aid package, which includes information and an application for grant and loan programs, is provided for each student. Other resources such as Social Security and Veterans Educational benefits will be considered in establishing a students financial need. The student is not required to accept all forms of financial aid offered. All outstanding tuition no covered by financial aid will be the sole responsibility of the student.

The policy of the school is to initially fund a students first academic year (36 weeks and 36 title IV credit hours). For maximum financial aid eligibility, the student must have 36 weeks and 36 title IV credit hours per academic year. Students enrolled in programs longer than one academic year will fund their second academic year at the completion of 36 weeks and 36 title IV credit hours.

All applicants must see a financial Aid officer to complete the necessary documentation. The Financial Aid Department recognizes that each students situation is unique; therefore, each application is kept confidential and is analyzed and considered on an individual basis.

All financial aid programs require recipients to be citizens or eligible non-resident citizens of the United States. Students on an F-1 visa are ineligible for financial aid programs. Immigrant students must submit immigration document to determine eligibility for financial aid programs.

All necessary paperwork must be promptly submitted before Title IV funding is disbursed. For students with previous post-secondary education, Title IV funds will not be disbursed until all financial aid transcripts are received from previously attended institutions.  Student may apply for any program listed in this catalog without regard to race, sex, creed, age or national origin.