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  • I am an international student from Cairo, Egypt. I am here in the US to study English and become a surgical technician. Iverson made the process so easy. There were step-by-step directions and an enrollment checklist available directly on their website. Once I set foot on the campus, I was highly impressed by the professional, yet individualized attention I received. I’m in my first year and I am very happy that I chose Iverson. I feel very comfortable, the teachers are world-class, and I know I am getting an education that will be rewarding whether I go back to my country or stay in the US.Doha Elsayed - Atlanta, GA
  • I enrolled at American National College to become a certified nail technician. Right now, I work in my parents’ business as a receptionist and I’m able to attend Iverson at night. I only have 7 weeks left of the 34 week program and my parents are very impressed with the things I’m able to bring back to them from my studies. While I will be employed with my parents after graduating, I was impressed to learn that Iverson is fully accredited and offers career placement for their nail tech graduates. This is the best beauty school in Georgia! Sakura Nguyen - Atlanta, GA
  • I am a court clerk at a courthouse in Atlanta and I attend AMNC at night to be a Paralegal. From what I already know about litigation procedures, Iverson’s staff really has their act together. They’ve got the most qualified teachers I’ve seen. AMNC’s rigorous curriculum has already landed me a spot as a Legal Assistant with one of the area’s best lawyers when I graduate next month. Enrolling with American National College is the best choice you can make for your future! Breanne Lawson - Atlanta, GA
  • Hi, I joined American National College last year in 2011 for the surgical Technologist Program and am well in my second year now. I must say that I am truly impressed with their staff and the curriculum. Their focused curriculum, competent staff and some great self motivated students around give me the complete confidence that I am on the right path in my career. Jason Cooper
  • Hey, I simply love the pharmacy technician program. As I plan to build my career in pharmacy and drug distribution systems, I feel confident that I am learning the complete skills required for the training. I simply love being here and the staff is very helpful and the students arte very cooperative. Paul Bell
  • Hello, American National College was just the dream college were I wanted to be. I am very fascinated by their nail tech programs as I want to be high level Manicurist one day. I am learning all the latest and advanced techniques of manicure, pedicure, as well as nail application services. I am very excited about my future. Michelle Young
  • Hi, I love American National College and I adore it all the more as I qualified for the grant based on my financial needs. Today I am getting top education on Cosmetologist and learning about hairdressing, facials, hair relaxing and beauty-related subjects. Already I feel like a skilled Cosmetologist as am learning the latest skills at AMNC. The students and staff are very friendly. Elizabeth Hall
  • "Thanks to American National College, I now have an amazing career that pays excellent money. Imagine a steady and growing salary in today's economy. I just paid off my car loan. Thank You AMNC. My parents and I were really worried about my getting a job, American National College delivered big time. I graduated from the program and am completely satisfied. The guidance and career department helped me find a great career. I studied medical assistant and transcription. They gave me all the knowledge and skills I needed. The teachers were great and the staff was very supportive. All along the way they helped me. Before graduation, they helped me find an amazing job. Now I have a great career. Thank You AMNC." Phil Rodgers