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TOEFL  Exam Preparation Courses

TOEFL is the most popular examination for North American English. Our TOEFL and Academic English Exam Preparation course will give you the test skills and the level of English that you need to do well on your exam.

What are TOEFL Exam Preparation Courses?

Our TOEFL iBT and Academic English Exam Preparation courses prepare you for a high score on your TOEFL exam by focusing on test-taking strategies and highlighting the academic English skills needed for exam success.

The course includes TOEFL-focused reading, writing, listening and speaking, plus practice exam questions and simulation tests. Become accustomed to the test-taking environment, the structure of the test and practice the English you need.

Reading and Writing

In the English writing class, students learn about the types of reading questions and writing tasks that make up the reading section and the writing section of the TOEFL IBT. They learn strategies that will help them answer the questions and improve their reading and writing scores. In the reading sections of this English learning course, students develop scanning skills, learn to read for main ideas and details, develop vocabulary building skills, demonstrate understanding of long and complex sentences, and analyze the organization of idea. In the writing section, students who seek to learn English in Atlanta will learn to write different types of essays with introductory paragraph, body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. Editing skills are also developed through a review of the English grammar.

Speaking and Listening

In the English speaking course, students learn about the types of speaking tasks and listening materials that make up the speaking section and the listening section of the TOEFL IBT. Students studying ESL can learn strategies that will help them answer the questions and improve their speaking and listening scores. In the speaking section, students learn to state and explain their opinion. They also demonstrate how pieces of information obtained from different sources are related. In the listening section, students practice answering different types of questions, including main idea and detail question, speaker attitude and purpose questions, learn to identify the organizational patterns of lecture or academic discussion. In addition to learning how to answer speaking and listening questions, students also develop their pronunciation skills and note taking skills.