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Associate of Applied Science in Healthcare Administration

American National College's Associate of Applied Science program Healthcare Administration is designed to provide solid grounding in a broad spectrum of issues related to the healthcare industry: local, community, and regional healthcare facilities; occupational health and safety issues; social and public policy matters that bear directly upon healthcare industry. Studies will include, among others, courses in biological, technological, legal, administrative and social foundations areas. The program provides the student with a broad understanding of modern healthcare organizations and the workings of allied health facilitates: how they have or have not evolved, strengths and areas for reform.

Program Objectives:

  • Investigate issues pertinent to the current U.S. healthcare system.
  • Develop a fundamental understanding of other healthcare systems (via a comparative and contrastive understanding of other systems in other cultures).
  • Apply the principles of health administration, education and promotion so as to promote effective operations of healthcare organizations and facilities.
  • Analyze delivery of healthcare services, management, and human resources (as these tightly inter-relate and are, in large measure, inter-dependent).
  • Identify principles of economics, leadership, marketing, planning, and legal considerations as these impact healthcare as a system and as an organizational structure.
  • Apply acquired knowledge in statistical analysis, among others, so that data can be generated and serve the contextual needs of the healthcare process and the organizational systems.
  • Develop strong communication skills with due emphasis on the tools of effective writing.
Career Opportunities: The successful graduate will be prepared to consider a wide-range of para-professional or pre-professional or entry-level positions in the healthcare industry, hospitals and allied health organizations, in industry, in government, in other professional arenas alternatively, to assume enhanced responsibilities within the context of a currently-held (health-care-focused) position. Those who so elect will be academically prepared to pursue graduate studies in Healthcare Administration, Allied Health professions, Public Administration, Social Science and/or in a wide array of related disciplines.

Program Requirements
Course NumberGeneral Education CourseCredit Hours
ENG101Composition I3.0
ENG102Composition II3.0
CM 100Principles of Human Communication3.0
HS 100Survey of American History3.0
POL100Introduction to Political Science3.0
BS100Introduction to Business3.0
GS100General Science3.0
MTH100College Algebra3.0
POL 102Introduction to World Politics3.0
SOC100General Sociology3.0
Course NumberCore CoursesCredit Hours
HC200Organizational Ethics in Healthcare3.0
HC210Healthcare Law3.0
HC220Economics of Healthcare3.0
HC230Introduction to Healthcare Administration3.0
HC240Introduction to Healthcare Marketing3.0
HC250Issues in Healthcare Management3.0
HC260Health Information Systems3.0
HC270Risk Management in Healthcare3.0
HC280Intro to Epidemiology3.0
HC290Occupational Health and Safety3.0
Total Program Credit Hours60