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About the COSMETOLOGY OPERATOR program at American National College School of Beauty

Why is American National College considered by many to be one of the Top Beauty Schools in the south?

  • American National College is the only Dermalogica, OPI and CHI partner beauty school in the south making us unique among all other beauty schools.
  • Each student receives hands-on training to master all the skills necessary to become a leading Cosmetologist.
  • American National College strives to help every cosmetology student achieve their goals by providing them with the knowlege they need every step of the way in order to perfect all the cosmetology skills.
  • American National College also accepts Financial Aid for Cosmetology, so each student has the opportunity to live their dream of obtaining a Cosmetology License.
  • The Cosmetology courses offered at American National College allow for flexible scheduling by providing day, evening and weekend classes, so every student has equal opportunity to complete the cosmetology program in the desired length of time.
  • By receiving a Cosmetology License from American National College, each student will be fully prepared for their exciting new careers in Cosmetology!
The objectives of the Cosmetologist program are to develop, in each student, the basic cosmetology knowledge and techniques in hairdressing, hair shaping, permanent waving, hair relaxing, hair coloring, facials, manicuring, and beauty-related subjects. You'll master hair cutting and hair styling in this course.

The purpose of the Cosmetologist program is to properly train the students on all aspects of the cosmetology industry which will result in passing the state board examination and enjoying a rewarding career in the students chosen field. Our strong hands-on approach with dedicated expert faculty makes us one of the best cosmetology schools in the south. After course completion students become masters in cosmetology.

At 500 hours, each student is reviewed for promotion to the junior class. At 1000 hours, each student is prepared and encouraged to take the State Board written examination, and is tested for promotion to the senior class.

The approximate time for completion of the accelerated Master Cosmetologist program is fifty (50) weeks and 83 weeks for the full time students respectively.

Course completion dates are subject to attending 32 hours per week for the accelerated program or 18 hours per week for full time students. This rigorous class schedule and hands-on training makes us one of the premiere beauty schools in the south.

Academic weeks are defined as actual weeks in attendance excluding holidays, school breaks , and inclement weather days.

Cosmetology Industry:
Cosmetologists have the advantage of endless job opportunities at their fingertips. By becoming a Cosmetologist you can work in beauty salons, hotels, spas and even own your own salon. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov) career opportunities are expected to increase by 20% from 2008-2018. The best opportunities will be for those who have a variety of skills and training in which American National College offers in order to broaden each student's range of services. As a Cosmetologist you will have more career options and higher salary. According to Salary.com Master Cosmetologist earn on average $32,000 annually due to obtaining more experience and advanced training. Master Cosmetologists also have the unique luxury of setting their own hours and being self-employed. This growing industry has endless opportunities that American National College will help you achieve. Not only will American National College provide the skills and training necessary to be successful in this industry but AMNC will also provide job placement assistance to give each student a head start on their exciting new career as a Master Cosmetologist.

Orientation (Theory) & TCC Rules & Reg100 Hours
Shampoo & Related Theory100 hours
Chemistry75 hours
Salon Management and Beauty Practices75 hours
Hair and Scalp Treatment & Related Theory50 hours
Cold Waving & Related Theory200 hours
Chemical Hair Relaxing & Related Theory50 hours
Hair Coloring & Related Theory200 hours
Manicuring & Related Theory100 hours
Facials & Related Theory50 hours
Hair Cutting, Styling & Related Theory500 hours
Total Hours1500 hours