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Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration

American National College's Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration focuses on the principal areas essential to management, providing a solid grounding in corporate operations, the theory and practice of leadership, professional communication, finance, economics, organizational behavior, business law and marketing. Throughout the learning experience, students analyze and apply the tools of effective decision-making and problem-solving, while developing a fundamental understanding of business-related procedures and processes, all of which, in combination, are ultimately essential to adept leadership.

Program Objectives:

  • Apply critical thinking and reasoning skills to identify problems and to develop problem-solving abilities within the business context.
  • Develop potential, enabling them to face the future with confidence and determination.
  • Prepare for leadership and service within a broad spectrum of business and business-related arenas.
  • Acquire the tools specific to business processes and procedures and the capacity to understand the principal theory, significance and practical applications related thereto.
  • Develop a solid understanding of the functional components of business - economics, marketing, accounting, finance, law, management, thus enabling the graduate to assume managerial trainee and like positions, in which they will have the occasion to grow and develop further.
  • Apply theoretical knowledge to the solution of real-life (field related) problems both individually and through teamwork within the context of a variety of active learning environments.
  • Develop strong communication skills with due emphasis on the tools of effective writing.
Career Opportunities: Graduates in Administration will be suitably prepared to assume management trainee positions in the corporate sector, in industry, in government, in other professional arenas, or alternatively to assume enhanced responsibilities within the context of a currently-held position.

Program Requirements
Course NumberGeneral Education CourseCredit Hours
ENG101Composition I3.0
ENG102Composition II3.0
CM 100Principles of Human Communication3.0
HS 100Survey of American History3.0
POL100Introduction to Political Science3.0
BS100Introduction to Business3.0
GS100General Science3.0
MTH100College Algebra3.0
POL 102Introduction to World Politics3.0
SOC100General Sociology3.0
Course NumberCore CoursesCredit Hours
BA200Business Law3.0
BA230Management Theory3.0
BA240Organizational Behavior3.0
BA250Marketing Theory3.0
BA260Business Communication3.0
BA270Business Ethical Issues3.0
BA280Business Essentials3.0
Total Program Credit Hours60